DAV NETWORK Project Review: A Decentralized Ecosystem for Autonomous Transportation

DAV Network aims to create a decentralized, highly-secured, and highly-scalable ecosystem that brings all the participants in the transportation industry together. The project's target is the future autonomous vehicles market but they have use cases that will impact the current system in place.

DAV Network ICO Review Highlights

ICO Platform Ethereum
Rating 3.8/5
Grade B+
Industry Transportation
Price 1 DAV = 0.0001 ETH
Bonus ______
Soft Cap ______
Hard Cap 63,123 ETH
Total Number of Tokens (Available for sale) 1.8 billion DAV (777 million DAV)
Website URL DAV Network Official Website
Whitepaper URL DAV Network Whitepaper
Social media accounts URL DAV Network Telegram
DAV Network Twitter
DAV Network Reddit

dav network review

Let's decrypt DAV Network Use Case

What problem is DAV Network Addressing?

The transportation industry is going through its "biggest revolution since the invention of Henry Ford's assembly line in 1908" ( DAV Network Whitepaper, 2017). Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing companies are disrupting the industry and redefining how people are transported. Another consequence of this advancement in technology in the transportation industry, however, is the emergence of autonomous vehicles, and in a matter of years, self-driving vehicles would have populated the market considerably.

When this happens, the current closed-platform model that ridesharing companies current adopt would no longer be very effective. A decentralized ecosystem that allows the different participants in the transportation industry—consumers, businesses, hardware companies, software developers, insurance providers, maintenance workers, and arbitrators—benefit from/contribute to the growth of the network is urgently needed.

DAV Network Value Proposition

Decentralized Autonomous Vehicle (DAV) Network aims to develop a highly-scalable and open-source ecosystem where all contributors can operate without a central authority. Using the DAV Network, users may order for a drone, send it to deliver an item to a specific address, and pay for the service using DAV tokens. This will be particularly useful for delivery companies; last-mile delivery accounts for 55% of delivery costs today. Taking a delivery truck to an area and having drones deliver parcels from house-to-house is more cost-efficient than driving the filled truck to every house.

In the future, when autonomous vehicles have populated the market, individuals may order for driverless rides and pay using DAV. Owners of these vehicles may make them available and earn tokens too. Maintenance workers may earn DAV for looking after and running checks on the vehicles in the ecosystem, and hardware and software companies may also earn DAV for making their products and services available to consumers in the ecosystem.

DAV Network Leadership Team

Founder and CEO, Naom Copel, is a veteran strategist and expert in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and encryption. In 2003, Copel developed the first smartphone encryption system in the world; it was distributed to almost 50 countries. Co-founder and CCO, John Frazer was External Relations Lead for the Ethereum Foundation and a senior member of the Devcon3 team. Co-founder and CMO, Joe Lopardo worked with reputable companies like Google, Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce as a brand developer and marketing strategist.

They are joined on the team by other well-qualified personnel and an advisory board that includes a former executive at GM, an astronaut from NASA and many more prominent names. ( DAV Network website, 2018).

DAV Network Target Market

The emergence of autonomous vehicles is expected to kick-start the "Passenger Economy", and according to a report by Intel, this economy will be worth $800 billion in 2035 and in excess of $7 trillion by 2050.

DAV Network aims to be a significant part of this economy and if they succeed in securing even a portion of the market share, any investment now will definitely yield significant returns. The project sold $20 million worth of DAV during their presale.

DAV Network Roadmap

According to their website, the DAV network was launched in May 2018 and their drone charging service was launched in the same month. May 2018 also saw the first autonomously-completed vehicle charging on the network.

DAV token sale commenced on the 11th of June 2018 and it should go on till the 25th of June or when all tokens have been sold. DAV network's decentralized non-autonomous ride hailing network should be released in Q4 2018.

DAV Network SWOT Analysis

DAV Network Strengths

  • A strong team with a large community of open source contributors.
  • Well-connected advisors with ties to IBM, GM, NASA, UPS, SAP etc.
  • The Passenger Economy is an emerging market that holds ample potential.

DAV Network Weaknesses

  • Long developmental roadmap.
  • Given current market conditions, $38 million is a considerably high hard cap.

DAV Network Opportunities

  • A Network has been launched and they have working prototypes.
  • The project raised $20 million during their presale.

DAV Network Threats

  • Their use case piths them against more recognizable companies like IOTA and IoT Chain.
  • Mass adoption may not happen until autonomous vehicles populate the market; there is no timeline for this at the moment.

In conclusion, DAV Network has many good parts—the team, their advisors, prototypes, future potential etc. They also have the public's sentiment on their side despite the fact that their most important features may not be launched soon. Because of this, DAV Network may be one of the few projects whose tokens hold both present and future promise. As always, however, prospective investors are advised to keep their eyes open for future updates and information.

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