ROLECOIN Project Review: Blockchain-based Educational Proof-of-Progress Mechanism

STEAMRole aims to provide an ecosystem where students, professionals, corporate bodies, and organisations looking to invest in the education of the students meet. Rolecoin is the digital currency that powers this ecosystem.

Key Stats

ICO Platform Stellar Lumens
Rating 4.32/5
Grade A
Industry Education Technology
Price 1 ROLECOIN = $0.1
Bonus _______
Soft Cap $10 million
Hard Cap $35 million
Supply (for sale) 1 billion (350 million)
Website URL RoleCoin Official Website
Whitepaper URL RoleCoin Whitepaper
Social media accounts URL Rolecoin Telegram Medium Twitter Facebook

RoleCoin ICO Rating

Let's decrypt RoleCoin Use Case

What Problem is RoleCoin Addressing?

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on developing STEM/STEAM-related (science, technology, engineering, art design, and mathematics) educational programs in a bid to improve the quality of the future workforce. While there has been some progress, a report released by Randstad in 2016 highlights how much more effort is needed. According to the report, the United States alone had over 3 million STEM job openings with no skilled workers to fill them.

Despite the huge amounts of money spent, this scarcity of STEM professionals points to a flaw/inadequacy in the system. Rolecoin offers a way to optimize the EdTech ecosystem, making sure amounts invested translate into tangible advancement.

RoleCoin Value Proposition

In order to provide young and fledgling students with easy access to professionals in their fields, STEAMRole launched a skill- and career-development mobile app, a platform where students can receive educational guidance, and career advice from professionals- role models-that walked the career path that they plan to. For example, a high school student that plans to become a Software engineer can receive advice and guidance from an engineer that already works at SpaceX. Additionally, STEAMRole offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to make donations and afterwards, track the effectiveness of their investments.

Rolecoin will be used on STEAMRole's platform to track proof-of-progress and the project's whitepaper describes it as "a digital currency that tracks, measures, and rewards the skill and career development progress of its recipient." Steamers (aspiring students) and Role Models are rewarded in Rolecoin for contributing to the ecosystem. Corporate partners pay in Rolecoin for access to the platform and an opportunity to contact emerging talents in their fields. Conversely, non-profit organisations, foundations, and impact investors get a platform that allows them to track the progress of the students that receive their donations.

RoleCoin Leadership Team

Founder and CEO, Clarence Wooten, founded, a company that uses data to connect startups that need funding with investors using data. He was also a co-founder at Progressly, a company that helps projects find and execute business processes. He is joined on the team by Advisors: Roberto J. Rodriguez, Deputy Assistant for Education under President Barack Obama's administration, Yoli Chisholm, former Director of Digital Marketing at Microsoft, and Keith Teare, Founding Shareholder at TechCrunch among many others.

RoleCoin Target Market

Annual investments in STEAM-related educational programs exceed $100 billion according to Rolecoin's whitepaper. Given how flawed the current system is, if STEAMRole and Rolecoin succeed in providing a functional ecosystem that is beneficial to all participants, they stand to carve out a significant portion of a multi-billion-dollar market.

The more the platform is adopted, the higher the value of their token, providing early investors with an incentive to invest in Rolecoin.

RoleCoin Roadmap

The project plans to release a public beta version of the STEAMRole app by Q2 2018 and Rolecoin crowdsale is set to start on the 15th of June, 2018.

Their proof-of-progress dashboard is to be released in Q3 2018 and by Q4 2018, STEAMRole's aim is that Rolecoin will be accepted by online course providers as a viable payment option.

RoleCoin SWOT Analysis


  • Rolecoin is powered by the Stellar Lumens blockchain, meaning instantaneous transactions, guaranteed security, and near-zero transaction fees.
  • Strong team.
  • Partnership agreement with Hewlett Packard.


  • The project's hype and publicity could be better.


  • In a sector worth $100 billion, there is ample room for STEAMRole and Rolecoin to grow.
  • The inefficiency of the current system makes the sector ripe for the taking.
  • There are 5 prospective participants in the STEAMRole ecosystem, this may help the ecosystem grow faster.


  • They plan to raise $35 million during their crowdsale, a lofty ambition.

In conclusion, STEAMRole seems to have come up with a use case that addresses a pressing need in a lucrative sector. If in the future, their ecosystem turns out to be the steady source of professional talent that they expect it to be, Rolecoin will be the cryptocurrency at the heart of a million-dollar platform. It is an exciting thought. As always, however, prospective investors must exercise caution and remain informed on developments concerning the project.

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