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What is Verge

The main purpose of cryptocurrencies is to provide privacy and anonymity during transactions, but as the market grows bigger, it is become increasingly difficult to do this. The biggest crypto platforms are scampering to shore up security and ensure user data remain hidden from prying eyes, but nothing beats a

What is Cardano

The cryptocurrency scene is filled with start-ups and companies that are looking to get a portion of Bitcoin’s market share. Few have ever gone head-to-head with Ethereum, and with good reason: creating a platform capable of developing decentralised applications (DApps) and smart contracts takes time and lots of sustained

What is IOTA

In a world where every new cryptocurrency is looking to improve on the existing blockchain technology, it is indeed refreshing to find one that went back to the drawing table, launching its product on an entirely different platform. IOTA is a breath of fresh air, and it provides some interesting

What is Ethereum

Over the past 6 months, the cryptocurrency scene has become a hotspot in finance, technology and investments. The world as a whole has taken notice, and more people are turning to cryptocurrency for investment opportunities. Before you invest in any cryptocurrency, however, it is imperative that you acquire an in-depth