TALAO ICO Review: A Worker-Controlled Ecosystem for Freelancers

Talao is an Ethereum-based ecosystem that aims to provide freelancing talents with a platform to store/retain control of their work reputation and certificates and at the same time, a marketplace to sell their skills to the world. The entire ecosystem will be governed by Talao’s utility token, also named TALAO.

  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • ICO Grade: A-
  • ICO Platform: Ethereum
  • Industry: Freelance Services
  • Price: 1ETH = 1000 TALAO
  • Bonus: N/A
  • Soft Cap: $5 million
  • Hard Cap: $20 million
  • Total Number of Tokens (Available for sale): 150 million TALAO (100 million TALAO)
  • Website:
  • White paper: Talao Whitepaper
  • Telegram: Telegram

Talao ico rating

Let's Decrypt Talao's Use Case

What Problem is Talao Addressing?

The Work-on-demand or Freelancing—industry has grown into a billion-dollar industry and every year, it grows even stronger. The total number of freelancers in the world is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions, with the United States alone serving as home to over 57 million freelancers. This growth can be credited to the efforts of the freelancers—the talents—and the platforms that provide them with a marketplace.

The problem is, the current setup in the freelancing industry was built to favour the platforms and the talents have little to no power. Reputations, reviews, and certificates earned while working on a platform belongs to the company and not the talent. Therefore, if a freelancer decides to leave a certain platform for another, they have to start afresh and build an entirely new profile. To make matters worse, most freelancing platforms charge freelancers 20% commission on every completed job while at the same time, charging the client a fee for using their platform.

This model is very predatory and it is stifling the growth of this industry. A fairer, more effective alternative is urgently needed.

Talao's Value Proposition

Talao is offering a solution to the problem outlined above and they have come up with a model that cuts out third parties—the freelancing platforms—completely. Talao offers freelancers a secure digital vault where they can store their online work reputation, reviews, and certificates. The data is owned and controlled by the freelancers and they can choose how they want it to be shared with prospective clients.

Talao also provides a marketplace where clients can find freelance talents and employ them to work on their projects. This marketplace is powered by Ethereum smart contracts and there are no third parties, just clients and talents. Also, no fees or commissions are charged and gig prices are set by the Talent communities.

Talao is the blockchain-based and autonomous version of the French freelance marketplace, eMindHub, a company that used tokens to facilitate freelance payments for ~2 years. offers a service similar to Talao’s, but the former only provides a platform where work data is stored and controlled by the freelancer. Talao offers much more than that.

The Team Behind Talao

The Talao team consists of well-experienced professionals. Co-founder & CEO Nicolas Muller founded eMindHub in 2015, he has work experience in Engineering, Aerospace, and Manufacturing. Co-founder & COO Thierry Thevenet was the Founder and CEO of Fi System, the first French digital agency to leverage the internet disruption.

Fellow Co-founder and Head of Growth, Denis Lafont-Trevisan is an Outsourcing and Technology Markets Specialist. Blockchain Team Leader, Maxime Hagenbourger worked on conception and development at CERN and Hewlett-Packard. He works now as the CTO of Blockchain Partner, one of the top blockchain companies in France.

Talao's Target Market

As mentioned above, the work-on-demand industry is valued at over $5 billion. Talao’s business plan is to provide talents with an environment that gives them control over their work data and their gig prices. This should attract the best talents and this will, in turn, translate to satisfied clients. With their token, TALAO, at the heart of the entire system, Talao hopes to amass 5 million users over the next 5 years and cement their place as one of the top 3 talent-on-demand platforms in the world.

In a billion-dollar industry that is as flawed as the freelancing market, there is ample room for the token, TALAO and the company to grow—if they deliver as promised.

Talao's Roadmap

Talao’s ICO is scheduled to take place sometime in Q2 2018, per the project’s website. They plan to release the Talao marketplace with token functionality on Ethereum mainnet by mid-Q3 2018.

Talao's SWOT Analysis


  • A strong team with some background in the industry.
  • The project comes across as very solid. The team seems to have done their due diligence as regards research and all bases seem adequately covered.


  • A new entrant in a competitive market, Talao may struggle to attract enough users to ensure self-sustainable growth.


  • Both clients and talents are dissatisfied with the freelance platforms available currently. The industry is ripe for “takeover”.
  • Talao’s predecessor eMindHub didn’t struggle to attract users, this bodes well for the project.


  • Residents of the United States are banned from participating in Talao’s ICO. The US has more freelancers that any other country in the world (~36% of the workforce).

In conclusion, Talao is trying to break into one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Not just that, the major participants—the clients and the freelancers—in the industry are not satisfied with the system in place. Combine this with a strong team, a solid use-case and a slightly-successful predecessor (eMindHub), and Talao is looking like top ICO to invest in. As always with cryptocurrency-based projects, however, prospective investors are advised to be as cautious as they are enthusiastic.

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