ZICHAIN ICO Review: A Blockchain-based Asset Management Ecosystem

Zichain's ecosystem is home to 4 products that work independently of each other. When combined, these products provide an entry point into the world of cryptocurrency asset management.

ZiChain ICO Review Highlights

ICO Platform Ethereum
Rating 4/5
Grade A
Industry Asset Management
Price Presale price: 1 ZCN = $0.08
ICO price: 1 ZCN = $0.1
Bonus 25% (during presale)
Soft Cap $3 million
Hard Cap $25 million
Total Number of Tokens (Available for sale) 703,125,000 ZCN (450,000,000 ZCN)
Website URL
Whitepaper URL Zichain Whitepaper
Social media accounts URL Zichain Telegram
Zichain Twitter
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Zichain Reddit

Zichain ICO Review

Let's decrypt ZiChain Use Case!

What Problem is ZiChain Addressing?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts insist that the digital currency market is here to stay and that in time, it will provide a viable alternative to the fiat currency market. The blockchain technology and the benefits it brings have also been extensively extolled. However, research shows that only about 0.5% of the world population is taking advantage of the opportunities that the blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer.

If cryptocurrencies offer as much as—perhaps even more than—fiat currencies, why is it being ignored by a large majority? Why aren't more people fighting to enjoy the blockchain's benefits? The answer is simple: the entire cryptocurrency setup is complex, inconvenient, and very confusing for prospective investors. People don't understand it, so they are reluctant to invest in it. To simplify the setup and make it viable for all comers, it may be important to introduce some tools that made the traditional markets and fiat currency so uncomplicated and easy to use.

ZiChain Value Proposition

To solve the problems outlined above and position cryptocurrencies as a significant investment alternative to fiat, Zichain attempts to combine the best practices of the conventional financial markets with the innovative technologies that the blockchain offers. To that effect, Zichain is currently working to develop the following 4 products:


This is an information and analytical platform for cryptocurrencies. It will provide users with an extensive outlook into the cryptocurrency market and provide relevant details about all blockchain projects and their cryptocurrency tokens. The platform will also help investors collate news and analytics for their personal portfolios.


The Indexfund provides automated cryptocurrency index funds and it offers medium- and long-term investors access to a fast-growing digital asset class. The platform has a highly transparent investment approach and it is dependent on 5 major indices. Additionally, users have the option of choosing their risk-return profile, degree of diversification, and sector exposure.


BAMP is short for Blockchain Asset Management Platform and it allows users create customized investment funds within minutes. The platform is fully automated and it comes with decentralized storage for assets, financial reporting, fees accounting & withdrawal, and so on. In a nutshell, BAMP allows its users to manage cryptocurrency assets on a simple and convenient trading platform.


Zichange will facilitate the quick exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat. The project claims that, when launched, the platform will offer users "the best rates with low fees", users will be able to choose from a wide range of payment options, and large amounts of cryptocurrency may be exchanged hitch-free.

ZiChain Leadership Team

The Zichain team is led by Co-founder and CEO, Khachatur Gukasyan, an Investment Manager with over 10 years' experience in private banking and asset management. Co-founder and COO, Serge Geller, is a veteran project manager and business restructuring specialist. He has over 15 years' work experience in the technology, construction, and energy sectors in the USA, Russia, and Austria. Zichain's CTO, Stepan Tsaturyan is an award-winning software engineer with over 15 years' experience in software development. He holds a doctorate degree in Computer Science and he has authored 12 scientific publications.

The team is made up of other well-educated and highly-experienced professionals.

ZiChain Target Market

According to CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency market currently has a market cap of over $260 billion (as at the 6th of July 2018). When the market cap was pegged at $350 billion, Zichain estimated that cryptocurrency asset management has the potential to grow into a 75-billion-dollar industry. If Zichain can spearhead the development of this industry and hold a significant portion of its market share in the years to come, the project and its token will no doubt skyrocket significantly.

ZiChain Roadmap

A beta version of is available here. According to the Zichain website, the indices for have already been developed, BAMP already has an MVP, and the licenses required to run have been obtained.

Cryptoeye 2.0 will reportedly be released in Q2 2018 and Zichain's private sale will take place in the same quarter. ZCN public sale is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2018 along with the release of updates to BAMP, Theindex.Fund, and Zichange.

ZiChain SWOT Analysis


  • A use case that seeks to address a prominent problem.
  • The project has made significant developmental progress. All their products have a working prototype or an MVP.


  • No significant weaknesses.


  • Estimates show that a cryptocurrency-based asset management industry will be worth billions of dollars. This provides companies in the industry with room for substantial growth.
  • Over the past 20 years, index funds have been the fastest growing asset management class in the traditional markets. Zichain believes that they can replicate this trend in the cryptocurrency markets.


  • Some of the biggest exchanges in the world e.g. Coinbase, OkEx, Huobi etc. have launched their own index funds. These will provide Zichain with some competition.

In conclusion, Zichain is attempting to provide tools that will make trading—and investing in—cryptocurrencies less complicated and more convenient for everyone involved. Given the potential size of the crypto asset management market (~$75 billion) and how far along Zichain are as regards product development, the project seems quite promising. As always, however, prospective investors are advised to tread carefully and seek out information & updates before investing in the project.

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